What is an ambassador?

Essentially, an ambassador is someone who helps promote Amikumu within their local community. They're our representatives on the ground! Our biggest fans and greatest supporters.

What does an Ambassador do?

It depends on what they can commit. We've listed some of the ways our ambassadors are working with us to promote Amikumu around the world.

  1. They're publishing blog posts and YouTube videos! For example, check out Amikumu: The App Yiddish Speakers have been Waiting for! (Moshe Sherizen) and Auslan: What is Amikumu? (Kiah Morante) among others. We have an entire page dedicated to press releases.

  2. They're posting links in Facebook groups and on their profiles. Even a simple show of public support can go a long way!

  3. They're handing out flyers and talking about Amikumu in local language meetups. This is also a great way to establish and grow a local community.

  4. They're translating the app and website to their local languages. Our goal is to become the most translated app in the world and we need all the help to achieve this.

  5. They're providing vitally important guidance. We understand that every language and culture is different. We want and need your advise on how to best act in your community.

What do Ambassadors get?

There's little we can provide for your invaluable help. However, there are a few perks to being an ambassador. We provide ambassadors with unique in-app collectible badges among other things. Feel free to reach out to us for more info at