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Due to COVID-19, we recommend using Amikumu to meet language partners outdoors instead of attending group language events. This way you can stay social and safe! As the infection rate is different worldwide, please respect local guidelines when meeting others. Practice your languages and stay safe with Amikumu!
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I never know which city I’m going to wake up in next, and yet I want to practice all my languages. With this app, I can practice any language I want at the push of a button!
Benny Lewis, Fluent in 3 Months

I believe that Amikumu is an incredibly useful app for the language learning community!
Judith Meyer, Polyglot Gathering Founder

The app can enhance communication among speakers of endangered languages and revivalists of dreaming sleeping beauties such as Barngarla.
Professor Ghil'ad Zuckermann, D.Phil.

We are inspired by Amikumu and their ambition to unite us through the languages we speak – or aspire to speak!
Langfest Innovation Award 2017 (Montreal)

Amikumu adds a whole new dimension to language learning and is changing the way people connect and practice languages.
Welsh Government App of the Week

A massive thanks to all our 429 backers on Kickstarter who smashed our funding goals and made Amikumu a reality