Help / FAQ


What is Amikumu?

Amikumu is an app that helps you find people nearby to speak any language with. For example, while on holiday, use Amikumu to meet up with Spanish, French or any other language speakers in town.


How does it work?

  1. Create an account manually or with Facebook.

  2. Select the languages you speak and at what level. There are over 7,000 languages (including 100+ sign languages) in our database.

  3. Write a custom name and description for each language you speak.

  4. Filter the Nearby list to find the 100 people closest nearby who speak your target language(s).

  5. Contact others and meetup!

Is it free?


Which platforms does Amikumu support?

Amikumu is available for Android (OS 4.0.3) and iOS 9.1 (iPhone 4S, iPad 2+).


Can others always see exactly where I am?

Your privacy and safety is very important to us, so Amikumu does not store or show exact locations.

How can I ensure that strange people don’t contact me?

You can’t, but Amikumu has a user blocking feature. When you block a user, they can no longer see nor contact you.


Is Amikumu open source?

We at Amikumu are friendly to open source. Unfortunately, open source does not currently fit our organization. We are, however, looking into opportunities to open source when we feel that it is the right fit for us.

Can I translate Amikumu?

Yes, you can help translate Amikumu to your language here.

What does Amikumu mean?

Amikumu means “do the friend thing” in Esperanto.

How can I get involved?

We welcome your feedback so join our mailing list, or follow us on FacebookTwitter and VK page to stay informed.

For more questions, hit us at